Charge & Clean 2.0 for Apple devices

Charge & Clean 2.0 for Apple devices

Charge & Clean 2.0 for Apple devices

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We listened to your feedback. 

We made it better!

You suggested faster charging time, we made it 38% faster. We also implemented a ventilation system to stabilize the running temperature.

Charge & Clean 2.0 is the definitive kit for charging and disinfecting your Apple devices:

🔋  Wireless charge iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods all-in-one

🦠 Kill 99% Bacterias and viruses in just 3 minutes with UV-C Light

📱 Fits ALL iPhone models

✔️ No use of liquids or chemical disinfectants

🔑 Disinfect any other object that you wish to (keys, mask etc...)


Phone sanitizer iphone charge and clean

Powerful UV-C Light

Capable of disrupting the genetic material of viruses and bacteria, UV-C light is the leading technology used today worldwide to disinfect against harmful pathogens.

Iphone phone sanitizer apple watch airpods


Simple and safe to use

Sweet dreams... Our sanitizer does not use harmful chemicals and it's designed to protect your beloved from harmful agents. The light switches automatically off every time the device is open. It is absolutely children friendly. 

iPhone sanitizer phone sanitizer

Be creative!

Anything can be sterilized. Our UV-C lamps are effective on any surface. Disinfect your every day objects safely. We suggest making a double cycle of cleaning for face masks.

iphone phone sanitizer

Press and breath...

There are only two buttons for two functions. The left button activates charging. The right button activates the UV-C disinfection light.


iPhone phone sanitizer

 Temperature control and grip

No worries, your devices will not overheat. We added a temperature control system and gum grip to hold the Charge & Clean safely on your nightstand.


We are here for you

If you have any questions about our products contact us at and we will get back to you in a matter of minutes! 


Great for subway riders, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Andrea Oswald

I use my ClaraUV on a daily basis to sanitize my phone and I really like appreciate having it and I am happy I purchased it.

Thank you very much.

Sandy Reinard

This is a very useful product, especially in the eta of Covid 19. I also use it for my surgical masks!

Nancy Frank

Physically washing a phone can cause issues over time. Disinfecting a phone with UV light will not. The ClaraUV works great for the phones in my family. I also use to disinfect my keys. I am very happy with the ClaraUV X1.

Joseph Lindaler
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