Clara UV - WandPro

Clara UV - WandPro

Clara UV - WandPro

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Sanitize anything, anywhere!


Are you concerned about what could be on the handle of the cart at the supermarket? What about your phone? Or even the steering wheel of your car! 

WandPro is the portable sterilizer that solves this issue and with UV-C Light technology disinfect any surface in just 15 seconds!

All you need to do is to switch on the WandPro and point it towards the contaminated object, in a matter of seconds it will be safe and sanitized.

Take WandPro with you at any moment. It's so small you can fit it into the pocket and use it when you need it the most.

Use it with:

  • AAA batteries  
  • Power cable included in the confection. 

Assembled with Durable materials and easy to use will be the perfect companion in your outside time and also at home, when after shopping anything need to be sterilized.

Safe to use thanks to our gyroscopic sensor, the wand switch off when pointed upward.

Any surface

Use it on groceries, plastic, fabric, face masks, keys, glasses, phones and even on your keyboard.

Stay safe with Clara UV - WandPro

IMPORTANT: UV-C light is a powerful source of ultraviolet rays! DO NOT expose skin to the light. Risk of irritation.

How to use it: 

1) Press for 3 seconds the button and wait for the led to switch on.

2) Point downwards on the desired object

3) Keep the light on the object for at least 12-15 second while moving 


  Safe with Clara

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Great for subway riders, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Andrea Oswald

I use my ClaraUV on a daily basis to sanitize my phone and I really like appreciate having it and I am happy I purchased it.

Thank you very much.

Sandy Reinard

This is a very useful product, especially in the eta of Covid 19. I also use it for my surgical masks!

Nancy Frank

Physically washing a phone can cause issues over time. Disinfecting a phone with UV light will not. The ClaraUV works great for the phones in my family. I also use to disinfect my keys. I am very happy with the ClaraUV X1.

Joseph Lindaler
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